Rosetta-based security devices provide strong encryption with authentication and non-repudiation capabilities in a compact form factor. Rosetta products contain the SPYCOS® cryptographic operating system.

Now available with enhanced algorithm support, the Rosetta security tokens provide the strongest, most economical, future-proof protection available anywhere for sensitive data. In addition to RSA, DES, 3DES, and SHA-1 legacy algorithms, Rosetta security devices implement the new, stronger and faster Suite B cryptographic algorithms, including elliptic curve cryptography with ECDSA, ECDH, ECMQV, AES, HMAC and SHA-2.


Rosetta microSD combines secure digital (SD) technology with public key infrastructure (PKI) technology in a standard microSD form factor. The Rosetta microSD card provides secure flash storage and implements, the strongest cryptographic algorithms and key lengths commercially available.

Authentication tokens have plug-and-play capability and moves with the user, providing a secure and encrypted vault for security information such as private keys, passwords and biometric templates.

Encrypted authentication tokens are available with an embedded Rosetta secure element in a multi-function USB form factor. The disk interface provides access to secure storage and a second CCID class interface exposes the Rosetta secure element as a standard ISO 7816 smartcard.