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SPYRUS® Announces Hardware “Root of Trust” Product Family Supporting Microsoft Azure IoT Hub

By April 19, 2017 June 22nd, 2017 Alerts

SPYRUS FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certified Devices Bring Strong Authentication to SAS Token and TLS/SSL Schema Azure IoT Hub

San Jose, CA – April 20, 2017 –SPYRUS, Inc. today announced that its Rosetta® Hardware “Root of Trust” product suite will be fully compatible with Microsoft Azure IoT Hub. Among the first Spyrus offerings will be the Rosetta USB and microSDHC modules that provide strong authentication and secure storage for Shared Access Signatures (SAS) tokens in devices integrated through Azure IoT Hub.

“With the integration of the family of Rosetta security products, SPYRUS brings its extensive repertoire of PKI based authentication technologies to the Microsoft Azure IoT Hub by providing strong authentication in a wide open environment where billions of devices are interconnecting and communicating,” said Tom Dickens, SPYRUS COO. “FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified tamperproof hardware security and PKI security capabilities combined with transparent support across multiple product form factors make the Rosetta family ideal as Roots of Trust in mission critical IoT applications.”

Rosetta USB is a member of the Rosetta hardware security module product line, a comprehensive suite of FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Security Controllers in multiple form factors all sharing commonality with the SPYRUS Cryptographic Operating System (SPYCOS®).   The Rosetta family of hardware, software, and supporting development kits includes the latest Rosetta microSDHC™ and Trusted Flash® microSDHC, a high performance self-encrypting microSDHC memory storage device with built in PKI functionality, the Rosetta Micro, an ISO 7816 compliant security element in embedded surface mount package, and variants in ISO 7810 Smart Card and USB device form factors.  The Rosetta SPYCOS security services and intrinsic command set are extended to other members of the SPYRUS hardware token family, including  PocketVault™ P-3X, WorkSafe™, WorkSafe Pro™, their multi-domain Xtreme versions, and PocketVault Smart USB 3.0.

“The type of authentication and encryption technology that HSM manufacturers such as SPYRUS provides is essential to enterprises adopting IoT today,” said Sam George, Director, Microsoft Azure IoT at Microsoft Corp. “SPYRUS provides a vital level of protection for information associated with SAS tokens for secure, granular, limited access to cloud-based Azure technology without revealing system keys. The Spyrus Rosetta Micro security controller is ideal for embedded use in OEM or new designs, and the “plug and play” HSMs, which include a suite of microSD cards and USB drives, are especially relevant to existing IoT gateways and deployments that want to quickly add additional levels of security”

The SPYRUS composite storage and PKI HSM devices will be amongst the first to support the Azure IoT Device SDK. SPYRUS Security in a Box® for IoT configurations will create a unique repository on GitHub™ to host the code and related documentation that enable SPYRUS connectivity. The SPYRUS “repo” will be linked to the Azure IoT Device SDK repo to permit discovery of the SPYRUS solution set.  Future enhancements to permit rapid onboarding of SPYRUS devices to the Azure IoT Device SDK will include an Auth API layer to facilitate rapid development and a webpage dedicated to SPYRUS in the Azure IoT Hub device catalog to permit rapid selection of a suitable SPYRUS hardware token.

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