PocketVault P-3X

Hardware Encryption and Secure Storage
Both P-3X (USB 3.0, SSD) and Rosetta TrustedFlash (microSDHC, flash) deliver high-security, use-anywhere USB and microSD encryption and authentication built on trusted Secured By SPYRUS™ technology—the same Suite B military grade security used by the US and other Governments to protect Data at Rest. The cryptographic components in every SPYRUS security device are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the United States. The SPYRUS family of secure storage solutions add further security capabilities such as providing authentication and public key enabled (PKE) application services used by enterprise and Government organizations for two factor authentication and secure communications.


SPYRUS Rosetta IoT Storage SDK Overview

The Rosetta IoT Storage SDK makes it easy to add hardware encrypted secure storage to your embedded solution.  With this SDK, you will be able to initialize the secure storage, lock and unlock the secure storage (enabling and disabling the internal transparent hardware encryption).  The included library and sample source code demonstrate how simple it can be to integrate SPYRUS hardware encrypted storage drives on various desktop, server and embedded systems. The xUnlocker sample utility provided in this SDK utilizes the SPWLib API, a C language interface library, to use the encrypted storage on the SPYRUS P3x and Rosetta TrustedFlash™ devices. Additionally, the embedded secure element provides Hardware Security Module (HSM) services.  Other SDK’s are available for using this additional functionality.

The Rosetta IoT Storage SDK consists of the following files:

  1. SPWLib – Dynamic library for the C interface API
  2. h – Header File for the library
  3. spwhelper – Dynamic library for Linux system mount/unmount commands (TrustedFlash only)
  4. cpp – Sample application
  5. CMake build (not required if you choose to create your own build environment)
  6. Doxygen API Documentation – in HTML and CHM formats
  7. Installing CCID Smart Card Readers in Linux.pdf – Guide for installing CCID smart card readers in Linux
  8. P-3X Getting Started Guide – Getting Started Guide for P3X (comes with hardware)
  9. TrustedFlash Rosetta microSDHC Getting Started Guide (comes with hardware)
  10. txt and EULA.pdf

The SDK includes support for the following platforms:

  1. Windows desktop 32 & 64 bit
  2. Linux desktop 32 & 64 bit
  3. Raspberry Pi 3
  4. Dragonboard 410c

File Structure

The SPYRUS Secure Storage Creator Tools are made up of the following components:

  • In the docs folder you will find the document 505-324001-02RosettaIoTStorageSDKDevelopersGuide.pdf – A developers guide for the storage SDK
  • In the include folder you will find the SPWLib header file for building the xUnlocker utility.
  • In the lib folder you will find the libSPWLib.so shared library file for building the xUnlocker utility.
  • In the src folder you will find the xUnlocker.cpp file for building the xUnlocker utility.

If you would like to get a SPYRUS HSM and download our SDKs, we will need you to register with our developer community:

Register with the SPYRUS developer community

Click on the links below to download a PDF of the product overview and technical specifications. All products are available in memory sizes ranging from 32GB up to 1TB; and they all take advantage of SSD memory to provide high performance over a USB 3.0 interface

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