Thanks for your interest in the SPYRUS HSMs for Microsoft Azure IoT. As you probably noted from your review of our hardware in the Azure IoT catalogue, all SPYRUS HSMs have the highest levels of hardware security and comply with FIPS 140-2 Level requirements. As part of our security efforts with U.S. government regulatory authorities and the sensitivity of our cryptography for both our partners and customers, we are required in to comply with very specific export rules. As a result, we must approve you as a SPYRUS IoT developer prior to providing access to our HSMs and underlying SDKs. Please take a few minutes and complete the approval form below. Your information will then be reviewed and upon approval, you will receive a registration email welcoming to the site where you will find all the SPYRUS HSMs, SDKs and Azure APIs. The SPYRUS HSMs and SDKs all work with Rasberry PI for your testing and development efforts (see http:// PI).

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Why do we collect this information?

We collect this information in order to comply with export rules due to the sensitive nature of cryptography.