Rosetta Hardware Security Module – An Anchor of Trust

Enforcement within any strong security solution must be anchored in some point of trust. There must be something you trust to hold up to and defend against the threat environment within which you are trying to establish a secure solution. SPYRUS’s family of hardware roots of trust, encompassing embedded devices through Rosetta enabled devices and applications provide IoT developers and systems integrators with a complete operating environment and security functions

FIPS 140-2 Level 3 HSMs

Within every SPYRUS HSM there is a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified Rosetta SPYCOS®  security controller to which all security is anchored. As a hardware trust anchor, this controller provides superior protection to any software trust anchor that can be provided. The cryptographic security boundary of this controller is the die itself, so that it can be embedded in other products for specialized applications. This is the trust anchor embedded in all the various form factors of the SPYRUS HSM product family.

“Plug and Play” Security

SPYRUS provides a full suite of HSM form factors to meet you various hardware and solution requirements.   With each HSM, you will also receive:

  • Access to the SPYRUS SDK library and training guides to assist in the development of your security solution.
  • Support from SPYRUS, which includes management teams that have been developing some of the most complex hardware security solution for the past 20 years
  • Certification with Microsoft Azure IoT cloud solutions (currently for micro USB; all other products will be certified by June 2017)

Hardware Enabled Secure Storage & Sharing Applications

In addition to the family of FIPS certified HSMs, SPYRUS has easy to use software for hardware-based file encryption & sharing.  NcryptNshare is a suite of applications that work with any SPYRUS Rosetta enabled device to allow you to encrypt your files and control access in the cloud or wherever they are stored. It ‘seals’ the file closed and can detect if a file has been tampered with (for instance by malware), and by owning the key, only you control access to the file.

Security in a Box®

SPYRUS has been at the forefront of hardware based security products, espousing open standards as well as a common interface across product platforms.  Figure 1 is a  high level overview of the SPYRUS “Security in a Box” concept for securing all aspects of an IoT application from raw data ingest through storage and security for cloud based analysis and dissemination of results.  The graphic below is a snapshot of the salient features of SPYRUS products supporting IoT security functions across a wide range of applications and venues.

Promoting Transparency across the Internet of Things